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Documents to Gather for Mortgage Loan Application

Gather all of the following documents before you meet with your loan officer. Just to be safe, make sure you don't pack these as you prepare for your move since your lender may ask for additional documents during the application process. Work History W2 forms from past two years Pay stubs for the past 1-3 months Personal tax returns for the past two years If self-employed: Business and personal tax returns for the past two years Year-to-date profit and loss statement Year-to-date balance sheet Credit Rating and History Credit report Credit score Note: Your loan officer will pull a copy of your credit report and score. But it’s a good idea to check them ahead of time. You can get your credit score or credit reports online for free. Total Debt Names, balances, & account numbers for all: Credit cards Student loans Car loans Store lines of credit Other consumer debt with recurring monthly payments Alimony payments Child support payments Divorce decree

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